Sydney to Hong Kong cheap business class tickets

Sydney to Hong Kong cheap business class tickets AUD1688

Sydney to Hong Kong business class tickets

Luxury Flights Hotels offers the limited discounted business class tickets on the market.

Sydney to Hong Kong one way cheap business class flight by Cathay Pacific ‘s price is AUD 1688.

Sydney to Hong Kong round way cheap business class flight by Cathay Pacific ‘s price is AUD 2988.

All prices are including all fees and taxes.


The details you need to give us :
1. First name / Last Name
2. Miss / Mr
3. Birth Date ( D-M-Y)
4. Passport no.
5. Passport Day of Expiry ( D-M-Y)
6. Nationality

**The discounted tickets are available ,but they are very limited , please transfer the payment as soon as possible.
**If you want to change the date of flight , the fee is usd$25 charged by Cathay Pacific
**If you want to cancel the flight after the tickets are issued, the fee is usd$120 charged by Cathay Pacific

Email or call us to get the Sydney to Hong Kong cheap business class tickets asap. or 800 – 968 – 380.
We hope you enjoy the trip in Hong Kong!

Eagle View Escape , Blue Mountain in Sydney

Eagle View Escape , Blue Mountain in Sydney

We had a trip to Blue Mountain which is a a beautiful and famous mountain in Sydney,Australia last year.
I & my friend have a wonderful memory when stayed in Eagle View Escape.

Imagining time away with the one you enjoy secretive and really stress-relieving environments? Eagle View Escape is under 3 hours from Sydney, west of the Blue Mountain and has an excellent track record for making our visitors really feel unique and quickly in your house which is the ideal location for a romantic vaction.

Select from there 5 designs of deluxe, self-contained lodging, tailor created your charming escape. They supply a cozy welcome, comfy separated holiday accommodation and delightful recently ready meals & hampers making regional fruit and vegetables wherever feasible.

We drove from Sydney city to Blue Mountain within 3 hours,you better bring the GPS,you don’t know how to go without GPS,it is high private place.We arrived Eagle View Escape after 3 hours driving finally,the hotel was built on the top of the mountain.

Lake View Spa Suites

Lake View Spa Suites in hotel room

We choose spa suites for our vacation luxury hotel.The bathtub is inside the bedroom.

Lake View Spa Suites in hotel room

When you look outside from the hotel room,you can see the beautiful nature lake view.
It is so relax when watching this wonderful views when in holiday.

Eagle View Escape offers meals options to visitors,there is 4 options ,
in room dining,self cook dining,BBQ pack,picnic hamper.
We pick BBQ pack,so get more fun when do it ourseleves,also bring the white wine for our wonderful dinner.
Watching the sunset view and lots of animals around the dinning table.

dinner in Eagle View Escape

wonderful dinner in luxury hotels

After the dinner,played card game and have a relax spa on the room,
just so grateful I can have such a happy time in Eagle View Escape.

“Water is a precious resource and we would appreciate if after your last spa,you could leave the water in.
We use this water for our lawns & gardens.”

How treasure the natural resource they are !

recycle water after spa
I had a good sleep that night,there is someone knock the door who bring the breakfast.
This is really luxury service that we don’t need to go anywhere,
but sit down on the desk watching the lake view enjoy our first meal of that day.

breakfast in Eagle View Escape

There is fresh orange juice,fruits,egg and beacon.

enjoy the lake view when breakfast


Is it really wonderful time when spend on Eagle View Escape, Rydala ?