Sydney to Hong Kong cheap business class tickets

Sydney to Hong Kong cheap business class tickets AUD1688

Sydney to Hong Kong business class tickets

Luxury Flights Hotels offers the limited discounted business class tickets on the market.

Sydney to Hong Kong one way cheap business class flight by Cathay Pacific ‘s price is AUD 1688.

Sydney to Hong Kong round way cheap business class flight by Cathay Pacific ‘s price is AUD 2988.

All prices are including all fees and taxes.


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**The discounted tickets are available ,but they are very limited , please transfer the payment as soon as possible.
**If you want to change the date of flight , the fee is usd$25 charged by Cathay Pacific
**If you want to cancel the flight after the tickets are issued, the fee is usd$120 charged by Cathay Pacific

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QANTAS First Class seat experience

This is a amazing experience of the first class seats.

I usually booked Cathay Pacific as my flight first priority,this is my first time experience in QANTAS first class seats.

Never been New Zealand before,just plan after watched the The Lord of the Rings.

QANTAS Business Class seats experience

QANTAS Boarding area

QANTAS boarding area

There is direct flight from Sydney , Melbourne to Dubai several times in one day.

I went to Cathay Pacific VIP room wait for the flight,and ate the chinese food

Qantas First Class food

After that went to Cabana which is quite big.


Qantas Cabana

A380 flight

A380 flight

Finally arrived the first class seat!There are some nuts and olives

Qantas first class snacks

This is my seat

QANTAS first class seat

I thought order the food in first class same with the business class ,course by course,then finished,you think the same way ,right?
But the answer is NO! You have the menu and can order whatever you wanna eat,also can order as many as you desire.

QANTAS first class foods

QANTAS first Class main course

Finished the courses,then went to bed.

Qantas first class bed

Enjoy the tea after woke up

Tea on Qantas first class

This is my first experience in Qantas first class seat which is wonderful!
I definitely will try next time!

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Cathay Pacific Business Class Review

When individuals learn that my regular job is basically to jot down regarding business travel, the primary question they question about the best available business class in their airline.

As it happens, any judgment on the simplest business category involves many factors. It is not simply the seat, though that is usually foremost within the equation. It is also the meals and therefore the drinks – factors some travellers rate on top of seat comfort – at the side of the service. For a few shorter flights, airport lounges will even acquire play as a part of the business travel expertise. however if we have a tendency to pare it back to the basics of the seat – the entity you are probably to be stuck certain eight to twelve hours, or maybe a lot of – it’s easier to create a decision.

Here, some of the world’s best business category seats of Cathay Pacific:

Every business category flight I’ve taken with Cathay Pacific has been a delight, mostly thanks to their seats, that I rate because the world’s best. The seat ticks on the subject of each item on the list of what business travellers wish, and possibly add a number of a lot of things into the deal. A ‘herringbone’ layout offers each traveller straightforward and direct access to the aisle while not awkwardly stepping over a fellow traveller.

The angle of the seat within the cabin and the walls encompassing the self-contained seat work what I contemplate the proper degree of privacy while not feeling too bring to an end from the crew and therefore the remainder of the cabin. And there is lots of area for your own stuff. This includes a small low closet for your shoes; a shelf to one facet of the seat; and a deep pocket for your portable computer, tablet, noise-cancelling headphones, reading glasses and what-not. Cathay Pacific’s seat is predicated on the Sicma Aero Cirrus model from manufacturer Zodiac, however the airline undertook in depth modifications and refinements.

Sharp sticking edges were rounded off, sound-absorbing material was fitted round the seat, additional storage nooks were other and even a tiny low mirror for checking your hair or make-up was fitted. Cathay Pacific conjointly trialled mock-ups of the seat with several members of its Marco Polo frequent flyer theme and incorporated their feedback into the ultimate style. This business category seat is on all Cathay Pacific flights into and out of Australia additionally as most international flights from hung Kong, except the Boeing 747 jumbos. Those jumbos still have Cathay’s previous generation business category seat, enclosed during a high-walled cubicle that several travellers derisorily delineated as coffin class.

Cathay Pacific business class just won the awards – Best Business Class in the world.

Here is my own Cathay Pacific business class review,

I got a flight on October,from Hong Kong to Sydney to join my friend’s wedding.This is my first experience seat on Cathay Pacific business class seats.So you can see how exciting I was.

Luxury flight service started when I check-in on the boarding business counter,totally don’t need to queue for it.
You know,there is lots of people line up in front of the economic counters.
This is a very good part to separate the different counter for different class customers,it makes me feel save my valuable time.

The first place I walked in not the business class of the plane.
It was lounge.
I arrived it at around 7 am. There was full people in the lounge which is out of my expectation.why so many person inside?
It was a little of crowd.And the foods and drinks ‘s selection is very simple.I just stayed 15 minutes and went to wait for the boarding.

When I walked in the business class of Cathay Pacific.I screamed in my heart.
This is totally exactly what I expect.The private ,wide ,180 degree area for my seats,is it cool?

The aircraft service staff would service you the drinks first until the 15 minutes before the plane departure.
I asked for the champagne which tastes very good,so I have a wonderful mood for start my journey.

champagne in Cathay Pacific
About the seats which are very comfortable, very wide; so I can sleep well when I flight from Hong Kong to Sydney.

Cathay’s pillow and blanket are very warm and soft.

cathay pacific business class seats w

When I looked around my set,there are headphone area and charging area,

charging area

You can see can be charged on the seat,so easily bring the laptop for the business work.
The light can be adjusted if still want to reading or watching movie.
The cathay pacific business class seats can be lying in 180 degree,which means in flat.
When I moved small chair model,the real seat would be followed it.Move top and move down for adjust.


The television offers lots of functions.
I listened the music which containing worldwide singers,watched the movie which is the latest updated.
There is hidden table ,it will set up when the meals are prepared.


The meal menu and the wine list.

Menu and wine list

The brunch is including the starters,main courses,and bread Basket,of course tea or coffee.
The dinner is containing also the same as the brunch,but dessert and pralines are extra.
Both are rich,I am really full when arrived in Sydney.

brunch and dinner

Here are the foods which I tried on the cathay pacific business class meals,isn’t they look great?
Also their tastes are excellent.
The Haagen-Dazs ice cream are also always available.

brunch and dinner in cathay pacific

Most of the airplane company offers the skincare bag to their customers,Cathay Pacific is not the exception.
The bag get eye mask,skincares,earplug and the socks for my 8 hours long way which is very useful.

skincare bag

The invitation card to fast track airport passage

An invitation to fast track airport facility
I am very surprised my first luxury flight experience is so awesome !
I definitely will try Cathay Pacific business class on my next journey !

Finally ,show some Sydney foods to everyone.

foods in sdyney

Enjoy your luxury travel !

If you feel good about my Cathay Pacific business class review,
want to try the experience on it, please submit the form book from us.

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Cathay Pacific Business Class Seats

Luxury Flights Hotels will introduce Cathay Pacific Business class seats information here.
Cathay Pacific is one of Hong Kong airline.
At Cathay Pacific, they consistently do their ideal to make you really feel unique– from the layout of the new Business Class that enables you to regulate the level of privacy and openness you favour, to the popular individual service that establishes Cathay Pacific besides various other airlines.

Business class seats :

Cathay Pacific business class high walled seats
Cathay Pacific business class high walled seats

The general feel of the new cabin is much lighter and additional classy. There’s much less of Cathay’s deep sea green on the textile of the seats while the sidewalls are completed in cleaned metallic with touches of grey and sparkling wine.
Cathay Pacific business class companion travel

Cathay Pacific business class companion travel

Suppose you’re taking a trip with an associate or your partner and would like to talk? Relocate the seat ahead, lean ahead from the recessed seat-well, swivel around so you’re angled to your friends and perhaps increase your voice a little due to the fact that you’re still a range away from each other. The Cathay Pacific-supplied Public Relations go below reveals exactly what we’re discussing.

Cathay Pacific business class seats

Cathay Pacific business class seats

The seats are established into a corrected layer to ensure that reclining them does not take area far from the traveler behind you. The church aisle side of the layer consists of a tilted expansion adjacent to the head and shoulders to boost personal privacy.

Cathay Pacific business class cubby

Cathay Pacific business class cubby

Cathay Pacific business class bottle aera

Cathay Pacific business class seats bottle aera

Cathay Pacific business class shoe area

Cathay Pacific business class shoe area

One point that’s reached be stated for these new seats is that there’s lots of storage area for your chances and ends. This was one drawback of the previous Cathay Pacific work areas, as it is with several business class seats.

There is shoe storage locker under your seat and bottle area which you can put your ipad or magazine there.Also,Cathay Pacific recommends that guests between seats could leave the spring-loaded cupboard door open to act as a privacy display.

Cathay Pacific business class window view

Cathay Pacific business class window view

If you are a landscape lovers,enjoy to look the native’s view,you have to choose window seat for your priority.

Cathay Pacific seats with pillow and blankets

Cathay Pacific business class seats with pillow and blankets

You can get deeply rest when in Cathay Pacific business class seats,it comes with pillow and blankets on each seat.
Importantly,the seat is 180-degree lie-flat , very comfortable for someone who needs to get break on the plane.

You can book the business class flight of Cathay Pacific on our company if you want to try the Cathay Pacific business class seats ,you can submit the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.