Lee min ho & Suzy stayed Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard for 3 days

Lee min ho & Suzy stayed Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard for 3 days


Korean pop star Miss A member Suzy admitted has a romantic relationship with korean celebrity Lee min ho on 23 rd March,2015.

Lee min ho & Suzy

Lee min ho & Suzy in London

They are tracked by paparazzi when spent their leisure time in London.

This cute couple choose  Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard as their priority.

Here are some information about Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard,

Hotel is in The Shard floor 34th-54th ,you can enjoy the panoramic view of London when you stayed in this hotel.

Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard


Shangri La Hotel At The Shard London Superior Shard Room



Shangri La Hotel At The Shard London Premier City View Room

Shangri La Hotel At The Shard London Premier City View Room


If you want to check out more information about Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard,please click Shangri-La Hotel Paris, 16. Passy – Trocadero, Paris, France.

10 things Rental car in Europe

Rental car in Europe

Rental car in Europe is not only a common thing , but also convenience for travelers. But when rent the car, which model of car , where to hire the car,there are lots of things need to be considered . You know, rent a suitable model of car in your journey can save time and money.

There are 10 things about rental car in Europe.

1. International car license
Don’t tell me you don’t have the driver license when you want to rent a car. Apply the international driver license is very important thing when prepared the documents for travel. Also,check out the expiry date ,make sure don’t be expired.

2. Rental car in Europe online
Whatever hotel or car or anything,there is cheaper rate to book them on internet. Book it online,and then you can just go to the address take the car.It’s really quite big difference when you book online or book it while be there.It maybe 3 times extra.

3. Find good reviews agency
To find a good company for rent the car is a great thing.Search some review site for the wonderful reviews rental car agencies. We suggest some big rental car companies is more safe, e.g. Avis , Hertz , Europcar .

rental car in europe
4. Your personal credit
Return the car is very simple, just get back them the key is okay, coz nobody will check before you return.
But if there is something wrong on it, you should notice them correctly, agency will charge your credit card if they found problems.

5. Make sure the terms and return on time
Check the terms & conditions carefully,and return on time,do not early and do not late,they will charge the fees even get back early.

6. Don’t take it on airportThere are 2 reasons, many travelers take the car on airport,usually on queue at least more than 60 minutes is one of the reason.The other one is pay more fee than you get it in other places.

7. Driver Age
Some companies have some required on the driver’s age,it usually prefer older than 25 years old,if you under than 25 , car insurance will more expensive.

8. GPS
This is “must” have item ,come on,you don’t know the other countries road. You can bring the GPS yourself to save the money, but double check the software is the latest version. Besides, avoid to drive to the toll stations.
GPS of rental car in europe

9. Car insurance
Better buy the insurance when you in traveling,no one want the accident would happen,but who knows ! Buy one is good to you and your family.

10. Fees on highway
Most highway of Europe cities are free. Except some countries charge some fees, e.g. France, Italy, try to google it.

Remember this 10 things,rental car in Europe is a easy thing for you.